National Will Writers

School Fundraiser

We are offering a free Will service in return for a donation to your school fund. Any parent or teacher can use this service to get a legally binding professionally written Will. The amount of the donation is up to the person taking the service. In return they will have a consultation with one of our professional team to discuss their wishes and have their Will drafted for them.

The Facts

  • Over 70% of parents with children under the age of 18 do not have a Will.
  • A Will is the only place you can legally name guardians, without this they will be handled by social services.
  • Without a Will your assets could be locked down or controlled by someone else.
  • If you are not married then your partner may not inherit anything.
  • If you are married your spouse doesn’t automatically inherit everything.

How it works

  • We will allocate the earliest available suitable date for your fundraiser.
  • Marketing material will be provided to advertise your fundraiser to all parents/teachers.
  • During the promotional they can scan the provided QR code or follow the links to start their Will Writing Service.
  • We will provide a free of charge consultation and draft a legally binding Will.
  • We will remind anyone taking the service to encourage them to make a donation directly to the school.


  • Parents and Teachers can get a Will in place for far less than a local solicitor.
  • All donations for this service go directly to the School.
  • The School can use the funds for important projects or equipment.
  • Families will have the peace of mind of having one of the most important legal documents in place.
  • Based on a contribution of £50 per person, 100 Wills would produce a massive £5,000 for your School.